Our services

Our services at Atlantis Stone Care focuses on restoring your foyer, bathroom, floor, counter, or shower and bring ‘new life’ back into any stone problem you may have.

With 25 years of restoration and maintenance experience, Atlantis Stone Care wants you to know any situation you have will be treated with total professionalism and care. We want the job to be done correctly, so we can continue to maintain your stone for years to come.


  1. Ask the customer their preference of finish.
  2. Deep clean with a pH-neutral cleaner which will open the pores of the stone.
  3. It’s best to scrub with a diamond buffer which removes scratches and etching.
  4. Use soft but stiff brushes in the grout and re-grout if necessary.
  5. Use a buffer to shine or hone matte finish.
  6. Then apply industrial sealer (water or oilbased).



  • Marble and travertine are durable rocks, chemically known as calcium carbonate. There are many colors and can be used in almost every area of your home. The care is fairly easy. However, it does need specific attention and care.
  • Your marble or travertine will become scratched over time and because of this professional restoration is required. Clean, polish and seal; usually every 1- 3 years. Use a neutral pH soap cleaner (pH 7 level, non-acidic), a soft brushes and microfiber to clean your surfaces. Be wary of harsh cleaners that contain acid as they can etch your stone.

2. Granite

  • Granite is different than marble when it comes to recommended usage and care and maintenance. You must know that granite is a much harder stone and granite usually does not scratch easily. But granite can be cleaned using the same process as marble.
  • Use the same type of neutral stone cleaner. We can show you this, and if you need a proper solution we can provide that for you, as many of the things that you buy at the store are not proper. Let us help.
  • Once the granite is sealed, it is so easy to maintain because it is a durable stone and unlike marble it is much harder.

3. Limestone

  • Limestone flooring offers an ideal choice for high-traffic areas because it tends to be duller than most other types of flooring. The lack of shine disguises occasional scuffs and scratches, but it does need care and maybe more care.
  • You need to clean, get the dirt out of the stone, and use, like marble, a diamond buffer to open the stone, then hone the stone to get the right kind of shine, and then seal the stone.
  • Use the proper stone ceiling and not lacquers and varnishes.
  • Invest in a quality dust mop and use it often. The dust and dirt will add scratches to your floor. Avoid harsh chemicals on your limestone flooring as this could damage the pores in this softer stone.
  • Then buy a quality mop to keep your floor clean out a weekly basis of a weekly basis. We can show you the correct solution.


  • For the restoration of natural stone, tile and grout, we provide expert craftsmanship to restore its natural elegance.
  • Diamond system, utilizing state-of-the-art diamond abrasive pads and honing pads removes existing scratches and etch marks from the stone surface. These processes will produce a brilliant high reflective shine, gloss, and luster finish to the stone’s surface.
  • Sealing the stone will form a clear barrier resistant to water, dirt and grease. The stone should be sealed 1 to 3 years.