About Us

Atlantis Stone Care is a family owned and operated business. With 25 years of restoration and maintenance experience, Atlantis Stone Care wants you to know any situation you have will be treated with total professionalism and care. We want the job to be done correctly, so we may service and maintain your floors for years to come.

Experience really does matter when it comes to stone restoration, polishing, and sealing. Remember ‘Clean, Polish, Seal’. These steps keep your hard surfaces brilliant!


Atlantis Stone Care

  • We service Orange County, San Bernardino county, and the Inland Empire. We understand how critical it is to restore the stone properly, so we handle your stone problems with the utmost of care. You are important, and we want this opportunity!
  • Our work is focused on marble, limestone, travertine, slate, granite, terrazzo and pavers; they all need restoration polishing and sealing. Chips and all sorts of scratches must be removed, and we can work wonders to correct these issues. How? We will open up the stone, clean the stone, and then close all the pores. The older stone which looks bad is far from ruined, and more likely, it will outlive your grandkids. With some TLC from our technicians, your stone will be restored and sealed in a high gloss or honed matte finish.
  • Many people have marble, but it can be tricky, so you need to be careful what you use to clean. Quick-fix cleaning can be costly and can slowly eat your stone away, and to restore its natural luster can be extremely costly. Call Atlantis Stone Care at (949) 545-3278 for any questions concerning your stone’s cleaning and polishing.
  • We use diamond abrasives and all-natural polishing compounds and honing medians. Our customers choose between a hone matte finish or a high polish finish.
  • All of your stonework is in good hands with Atlantis Stone Care. There is nothing more elegant or stately than natural stone, and with the proper care and maintenance, it will last hundreds of years. At Atlantis Stone Care, we make it a point to understand stone. Not all stone is the same and therefore it cannot be maintained the same way.
  • If everyday wear and tear has removed the luster from your natural stone, it’s time to call Atlantis Stone Care for our special natural stone restoration and polishing. Hot water, dirt, grit, shoes, and a whole host of other things make that once lovely and expensive-looking surface look dirty and dull. That’s where Atlantis Stone Care can restore the luster and beauty of your stone. We have restored thousands of natural stone floors and countertops.


“We are dedicated to restoring your stone’s luster and beauty that has diminished over a period of years. Your stone will look beautiful and clean.”